Get the most out of your off season training

Hi everyone and welcome to the first of what we hope are many informative approaches to keeping you fit on and off the track, road, bike, in or out of the water and most importantly enjoying your events. All this info is delivered by the team at The Flying Physios.

Our first subject is getting the most out of your off season training that will reflect well during race season. What we are providing here are suggestions that have the potential to pay big dividends come race time. Its time to get …. THE RESULTS YOU WANT!

  1. Focus, Focus, Focus.

When you are trying to be the best at one or a number of sporting disciplines it pays to be focussed on your goal, short term and long term. You obviously have your race season goals based around results and times. However you can’t achieve such goals without focussed training between races but more importantly during off season. Off season training is the foundation upon which your upcoming seasons success is built. This is the time to gradually and safely push that body to gain healthy physical responses that eventually turn into better results and and more achievable times.

So what’s your training goal?

An example might be improving your watts output over a given distance by 5% or achieving a run that gradually becomes 10 seconds faster over a specific distance whilst running at a capacity that is equal to your zone 2 heart rate*. In whichever way you choose to train its all about the gain- gaining a better time or gaining more output to propel you around that course whilst achieving your goals safely. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your stamina.

* this heart rate is generated when you work at over half capacity. The rate that will allow you to run continually whilst holding a conversation that is made up of full sentences, not 3 word sentences.

2. Identify your weakest point and work on it!

This is a given folks but when you are achieving great results in one area it’s easy to ignore weaker elements in another and as a result create a greater divide between the two. To rectify this make time for an extra session to address these weaknesses. Off season is technique time. Need help? Seek out a professional to help you achieve your goal. This is incredibly important if you need to improve your swimming stroke , running form or pedalling technique. Ideally your trainer will prescribe drills for you to follow, all of which will translate into better technique and better times during race season.

3. Strengthen and protect

For all the cardiovascular that you will be doing don’t forget your strength training too. It’s a must for staying active- and by active we mean injury free. Aim for 2-3 strength sessions a week. During off season your training volume may well be lower as cycling may have taken a back burner. Utilise this available time! Seek out a Personal Trainer or look for organised classes specific to your needs. And mix it up too. Your body thrives on change and challenges. Guard against injury and re injury by considering sports massage as an essential part of your training too. They can help identify and irradiate niggles you wouldn’t know existed until race season but most importantly they speed up recovery and that means you can train more but most importantly, safely.

Remember 2015’s season is made in the off season and there is still time to make it your best so far so go out and try something new.

The Flying Physios are here to help with your off season training. We are offering all our subscribers a 30 minute TFP sports massage for £22 at our London Colney clinic. The clinic is open 7 days a week- yes even Sundays! Visit or call us on 01727 758846. If you prefer we can come to you, we are The Flying Physios after all.

Happy and healthy training and racing from TFP.

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