Covid 19 In-clinic protocols

  • UPDATE- WE WOULD REQUEST THAT YOU DOWNLOAD THE NHS COVID-19 APP SO THAT YOU CAN SCAN AND LOG YOUR VISIT TO OUR CLINICS. In order to deliver treatments that are both safe for the patient and for the practitioner the following protocols have been actioned and must be adhered to. Until further notice, no home visits are available and are unable to see any patients identified in the extremely critically vulnerable category as defined by the government, and also those who have been told to isolate at present.Thank you for your patience and understanding.

A patient can be seen provided: 

There are no signs or symptoms present including loss of smell or taste , a fever, a cold, abdominal pain or diarrhoea, and have not shown any signs or symptoms of feeling unwell for 14 days.

In addition, anyone in your household OR anyone you have had close contact with MUST NOT have shown ANY signs or symptoms as above for 14 days. This extends to key workers, who will have risk management protocols in place already that we will need to be made aware of.

We require you to supply and wear a face mask. This must be worn before the appointment begins. If you do not have one please advise immediately and one can be supplied at a surcharge of £1.50.

Patients MUST bring their own towels to each appointment- one large enough to cover the patient PLUS a cushion or pillow. In terms of bags and personal belongings, please keep these to a minimum.

The clinic has the following protocols in place for the protection of each patient :

  • Patients are being seen at present, providing they are an acute case/ emergency and have shown none of the symptoms above. They must complete the Covid-19 Patient Risk Assessment form available here

  • Please arrive just before your appointment and wait inside your car until we come and collect you (London Colney Clinic) or we will collect you from outside the West Entrance (Pinewood Studios).
  • Please be wearing your mask upon entering the clinic environment.
  • Before treatment begins, each patient will have their temperature taken using a non contact infrared thermometer and must be safely within the temperature parameters for treatment to commence.
  • The patient will need sterilise their hands before commencement of treatment using the facilities provided. Please note toilet facilities at the London Colney clinic will be unavailable for the time being.

  • The practitioner will prepare for each appointment by cleaning down the plinth and all surfaces within the clinic including door handles and coat hooks with an appropriate surface steriliser.
  • The plinth will be dressed with a single use, disposable massage cover.
  • There will be a longer turnaround time between patients so there is no patient crossover and to allow for cleaning and redressing of the rooms. Please turn up a few minutes before your appointment and not earlier unless we contact you to do so. We will come and collect you, so please do not enter the clinic environment until invited to do so.
  • The practitioner will be wearing appropriate PPE including splash proof apron, single use 3ply surgical mask and single use, latex free, powder free examination gloves throughout the assessment and treatment and will be dressed this way before greeting each patient. Please remember to wear your mask upon entering the clinic environment.
  • Until further notice access to the toilet facilities will be limited to reduce the potential for transference.
  • Card payments only- we have chip and pin/contactless payment facilities.

Any questions, please call 0800 612 7814.