Hertfordshire Residents with Neck and Shoulder Pain

Are you a Hertfordshire resident WORKING FROM HOME, suffering neck and shoulder pain?

Rid your neck and shoulders of work related pain! 

Headaches, neck pain, stiff shoulders and that pain between your shoulders blades can all be remedied by our service!

Our mobile service is open to everyone and anyone who’s home space is now their workplace and finds themselves sat at their workstation for many many hours. The service we have been offering since 2009 is now more relevant than ever in terms of to your door therapy and a remedy to work related stresses on the neck and shoulders and lower back.

If you have persistent pain in your neck and shoulders and mid back then this is for you. Our seated chair massages are the remedy you have been looking for.

Neck Pain | Shoulder Pain | Physiotherapy | Osteopathy | Hertfordshire
What your first home visit will involve.

For the first home visit we will go through your pre-completed screening form and perform a thorough examination. Once we have assessed we will explain your symptoms, advise on the best course of action and provide a treatment as part of the first appointment with a focus on your neck, back and shoulders.

Will you need us to visit more than once?

The first session includes assessment, treatment and we will advise if another visit is necessary based upon your symptoms. Our approach is it is better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to neck and shoulder pain.

The first visit is £30.00

As are any subsequent visits for our seated chair massage service. All delivered in the comfort of your home space workplace. see this as a small investment for a great deal of relief from neck and shoulder pain.

We are The Flying Physios and we have been doing what we do since 2009. you can see our latest reviews on Google and our website. if you like what you read then click on the button below to express your interest- it will take less than a minute.

Neck Pain | Shoulder Pain | Physiotherapy | Osteopathy | Hertfordshire
We look forward to seeing you soon.