Firstly, let me give you my definition of a sports massage. It’s for people who may or may not do sports but may have demanding lives that involve a great deal of repetition or sedentary roles that still put demand on the body. Patients old and young can benefit from a sports massage

What sets it apart from other massages? Swedish or deep tissue are techniques applied in terms of pre-assessment of the areas to be treated, the techniques applied to these areas and the fact that stretching often forms a major part of the treatment itself.  

Assessment before the treatment highlights problem areas and determines the most suitable techniques that can be used. The techniques will vary from therapist to therapist as will the pressure applied. People often say sports massage hurts and are wary of it but more often than not its painful because the therapist chooses to work on the problem areas, and problem areas can be tender. A deeper application of pressure can also help identify deeper tissue adhesions that may be holding back performance or recovery.  

Techniques such as muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release, positional release and harmonics may sound like technical terms but they help to get to the deeper elements that made you seek a massage in the first place.  

A sports massage can help with anything that may be deemed muscular and can be applied alongside other treatments as a way to speed up recovery and reduce the possibility of injury.  

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