In a world of instant fuels such as cola, teas and coffees it very easy to overlook the most natural and important fluid that our body cannot perform properly without.  

Water is vital for life. Too little water in your body can impact every system in your body and indeed every cell. In regards to a bad back too little water can lead to a stiff and troublesome back.  

Most people have heard of the discs in your back. They are your shock absorbers and help you to move freely when bending. They are also key areas of wear and tear in your back. It’s a little thing with a very big responsible job. It looks a little like a donut filled with a jam middle that relies massively on water intake because the middle is made of water! 

Discs use and lose water daily and so they need topping up. That is why we must re-hydrate. Colas and coffees contain water as many patients often tell us BUT they are also dehydrators. So water lost through leaky discs and dehydration will only add to a sore back. In chronic cases of back pain people may well be informed they have dehydrated discs- ones that have essentially shrunk- meaning that natural spinal cushioning is lost.  

So, how can you stay hydrated and save that back of yours?  

On average , Men should drink 3 litres (about 14 glasses) of total fluids a day. Women should drink 2.2 litres (about 10 glasses) a day. We suggest carrying a bottle with you that can be topped up regularly. Make friends with the water cooler at work.  

If you are very active then water before, during and after exercise. If its really hot add in a sports drink- containing sodium and potassium.  

Take on some fruit and veg as a natural top up! Watermelon is a winner as is cucumber.  

Finally, we advise that when you wee, it should be the colour of a fresh mountain stream or the colour of the water you have taken in- NOT a shade of yellow. If its yellow that’s the body letting you know you need to hydrate.    

Happy watering.  

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