Back pain in Mums and Dads

This is a regular condition we see with mums and dads of smaller children. It’s often something that can creep up with no rhyme or reason for happening but there is always a reason for everything! 

So, what are the culprits for sudden back pain onset in these poor parents? Well there is often more than one factor involved.  

From a muscular point of view, we find that the QL- see link- is often involved. Known as a hip hitcher amongst other roles, the QL works really hard when you are carrying your little one on one hip whilst going about your day. It keeps your hip in the hitched position so to keep your child balance on your hip. Here is a great stretch to help! 

With hip hitching in mind be sure to swap hips. The fact that you use a favoured hip is another culprit. The muscles in the hip area simply get tired and things hurt. As much as possible try to carry your little ones close to your centre of gravity. Try and carry them in the centre of you. If you must hip- hitch be sure to swap hips regularly. This may mean learning to use your other hand! 

Another culprit is sleeping position. Little ones like to join parents in bed sometimes and so an optimal sleeping position is often forgotten. In a past post we showed you a great side lying position. The link to that post is here.

Be careful how you bend. Bend from the hips and the knees not from the back- especially when picking up is another culprit! Leaning over the cot to pick up? Your lower back muscles and our old chum the QL will feel the weight of your little one times 3 or 4! Why? Well because lifting an object outside of your centre of gravity means your back feels far more weight than it actually is.  

To combat this step far closer to the cot before picking up. Your thighs may even be pressing up against the cot. Even better if you have a small strong box you can place in the cot that your little one can carefully stand on prior to being picked up we promise it will save your back.   

Finally, be sure to drink lots of water! Your muscles are 70% water and when you become dehydrated, they will not work to the best of their abilities. So, drink 1 + litres a day.  

So, here’s to happy and healthy back for Mums and Dads! 

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