5 things to know about dancers hip/ snapping hip/ popping hip! 

5 things to know about dancers hip/ snapping hip/ popping hip! 

Recently a patient booked in with what they described as a persistent pop in their hip. They were thinking the worst having Googled hips defects, age related hip issues and congenital hip defects.  

So having assessed and been happy to advise the patient that the symptoms were not something more serious in our opinion we diagnosed that the pop was symptomatic of snapping hip! A common condition that many of us have the potential to experience at some point in our lives especially if we are active.  


1 The symptoms.  

On rising from a chair, swinging your leg forward or on raising the knee to chest may result in a pop deep in the front of the hip- it is often audible to the patient and anyone who may be listening. There may be pain associated with it- certainly the longer you leave it the more there is a potential for pain. Certainly, for more active people it can be troublesome- think dancers or athletic individuals.  

  2 The causes. 

The snapping sensation is the tendon from connective tissue or a particular muscle sliding over a boney protrusion in your hip region. It occurs due to either your IT Band- a length of connective tissue running down the outside or your thigh snapping over the body outside of your hip. OR it could be your iliopsoas muscle that resides on the inside of your hip- as was the case with our patient. Occasionally it may be one of your quad (thigh) muscles. Whichever it maybe it occurs when moving the hip.  you cant however rule out more serious conditions concerning the bone and the joint – though you will in this case feel a great deal of pain and there will often be some instability- if this sounds familiar consult your GP first! 

  3 Self management – what you can do safely. 

You can start by resting and modifying your activities- a possible root cause of the symptoms. To reduce the pain try icing the area rather than taking medication- ice reduces inflammation and pain- meds mask it temporarily. if you wish to use medication speak to a pharmacist. if the pain becomes more severe see your GP! 

 4 See an Allied Health Professional. 

An Allied Health professional- physio,osteo,chiro can assess your symptoms and confirm your condition.  They can advise on a stretching and strengthening regime. Be sure to follow the plan you are given otherwise symptoms will persist! 

  5 Stretches commonly prescribed for snapping hip. 

We have sourced some excellent video references. Follow the links  

Quad stretch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-L2JuSn4_64 

Hamstring stretch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUhRypNNz-E 

Piriformis stretch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXqfOvnPpx4 

ITB stretch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI1uUQv7u1k 

  As always if you have any questions please contact us info@theflyingphysios.com 

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