The benefits of being mobile physios and therapists

The benefits of being mobile physios and therapists.

For the patients it the knowledge that we bring the clinic to them- and with it the expertise to resolve their symptoms.

The fact that we are mobile also means the patient will never be late for an appointment as we handle the traffic jams.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting back into a car after your appointment only to undo any good that’s been done in clinic. By coming to you we eliminate this.

By visiting, any patients with little ones find that the daily routine is less disrupted. We also work really quietly when the little ones are asleep.

Being mobile we can also work around your schedules and we visit daytime and evening 7 days a week so you will always be seen. It doesn’t happen very often but we have been called out very late at night AND visited very early in the morning before someone’s morning flight!

By visiting your home or office we are able advise on how you can modify your environment which all works towards a speedy recovery.

The benefits for us? We get to see some fantastic places and many a sunrise and sunset. Most of all we get to help and to know our visit has been of benefit is the best feeling of all.

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